Ministries - Philoptochos - June 2015

Genie Kontos, President


March 29th was the kick-off date to support two of St. Nicholas' many ministries: M.E.N.D. and Shoes for Orphan Souls Shoe Drive. The M.E.N.D. Clothes Drive was a success thanks to Effie Brotsis and her co-chair Dara Phillips. They were diligent with their email blasts and flyers reminding all to bring gently, used clothing for this worthwhile ministry. I urge everyone not to put off collecting old clothes to the last minute. I already have a big bag set aside to collect clothes I know I won't use and am saving it for next year's event. With every year, our Shoes for Orphans Souls program collects more than the year before! Catherine Naltsas and her co-chair Dara Phillips collected from the church community. Not only did they collect new shoes, socks and shoelaces, but they also received over $500.00! I, along with Evie Duschinsky, worked with the children of our beloved Saint Nicholas School to collect for the program as well. Together we collected over 300 pairs of shoes and many socks and shoelaces. (When the count is "officially" in, it will be posted on the St. Nicholas website.)

On April 2nd, the Lenten Potluck Easter Project took place. All enjoyed the delicious food that Dara Phillips and her co-chair Maria Janios helped coordinate. There was a special feeling of accomplishment after we all finished the project for our shut-ins.

April 5th: Our Annual Palm Sunday Luncheon and Bake Sale. Sophia Gavrilis, along with Eugenia Georgilas and the rest of the Philoptochos ladies, made it a point to make this a memorable event. I am proud to report that between these two functions, we netted $4,787.00! Most of the earnings were donated to Holy Cross Seminary. The rest was kept for all our other obligations. Please note, during our Membership Luncheon, located at the Philoptochos table we always have our annual Profit and Loss there for all to see. Our Philoptochos is proud to be open in all that we do. A huge thank you goes out to Debbie Andrews, CPA. for her professional help in preparing chapter 4012's Profit and Loss, as well as Annual Budget Protection, for every year. If you have any questions, always feel free to ask any board member.

This year Catherine Naltsas, along with Dara Phillips and Annie Greanias, decided to put a new spin on our Annual Hot Dog and Ice Cream Social by turning it into a carnival! Their efforts and your support enabled us to net $780.00! All this money is applied to paying for Philoptochos expenses for packaging, as well as shipping all items collected during our shoe drive to Buckner International in Texas. By the way, Buckner welcomes anyone interested in distributing shoes to children and supporting the cause. If you are interested, please speak with any Philoptochos board member and you will be correctly directed.

Every year during the conclusion of Palm Sunday services, we pass out a tray for our Kids N' Cancer ministry. This year, thanks to the generosity of the community, we collected $1,661.00. That amount, along with other money we raised, enabled us to donate to our Metropolis of San Francisco for the total of $5,000.00. This donation helped children partake in a camp experience. I am proud to announce that I will be working with some of the children at our Dunlap camp from June 10-14 of this year! If anyone is interested in volunteering at any of our camps for next year, please contact a board member for proper instructions.

Thanks to Nadia Saroukos, Effie Brotsis, St. Nicholas Sunday School, and all of the community who helped, we were able to send out a check to Mochas for Missions (formerly known as Pennies for Prayers) in to amount of $900.00! This goes to show that pennies do add up!

Philoptochos Board Elections, as you all know, took place in May. I have received notice from National Philoptochos that we have been ratified. As for the bylaws, our next step is to have the board vote as to who will be on the Executive Board. This will take place on June 9. Our beloved Fr. Anthony Savas will then set a date and, at the conclusion of church service, announce to the community who will be on the board.

On that note, I would like to say what a pleasure and honor it has been to serve as President of our beloved Saint Nicholas Philoptochos of Northridge. These past six years have been an experience that I will treasure all my life. I know that the future president of this wonderful chapter and the newly elected board will do their very best to help make chapter 4012 be a shining example for all others to take note of. I wish you all a rejuvenating summer. Get excited because Philoptochos has a lot of great events in store that are not only fun, but help our society. Make it YOUR mission to tell your friends, male and female, to become a member in October at our Membership Luncheon and support this wonderful organization. Together, we can make a difference!

Your Sister in Christ,

Genie Kontos

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