Ministries - Philoptochos - October 2014

Genie Kontos, President


March 16, 2014: Loukoumathes Sunday was a HUGE SUCCESS! Our NEW MINISTRY, "Mattel Children's Hospital Chase Child Life" program, will receive a check in the amount of: EIGHT THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! ($8,825.00) How proud we should all feel! Great job Marina Saroukos and co-chair Nadia Saroukos.

March 30, 2014: Effie Brotsis and co-chair Dara Phillips had a GREAT turn out for their clothes drive for MEND. Thank you all that donated! Now is the time to start putting aside all gently used clothing that you don't need for our next MEND Drive.


March 30, 2014 April 13, 2014: This was our Annual fundraiser for "Shoes for Orphan Souls" drive. Catherine Naltsas and co-chair Dara Phillips, along with the help of our beautiful children of Saint Nicholas School, collected well over 200 pairs of new shoes, socks, and shoelaces! Our community children always look forward to this event. Mrs. Evie Duschinsky, a wonderful teacher at Saint Nicholas School, planned different events during the last week of the shoe drive to help the children get into the spirit of giving to those who are less fortunate.

April 10, 2014: Was our Annual Lenten Potluck Easter Project. Dara Phillips along with co-chair Maria Janios had us all busy assembling delicious Easter goodies for all the shut-ins in our community. Stephanie Tallie from "Mattel Children's Hospital Chase Child Life" program was presented the check in the amount of $8,825.00 from our Loukoumathes Sunday event. In addition to the money, many of our parishioners donated items from a wish list from the Mattel program.

April 13, 2014: This was our annual Easter Bake Sale along with our Palm Sunday Luncheon. Everyone enjoyed the luncheon and expressed their gratitude to Sophie Gavrilis and Eugenia Georgilas for another delicious Philoptochos meal and baked goods.

July 6, 2014 July 9, 2014: I had the honor of participating in the 2014 National Philoptochos Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year, a record number of 440 delegates registered to represent the 27,000 Philoptochos Stewards from across the United States. Through the generous contributions and commitment of the 485 Philoptochos Chapters throughout the United States, the National Philoptochos Society donated 3.1 million dollars from January 2012 through December 2013. Additional disbursements of donations at the convention totaled to $509,580.00. During the Grand Banquet, we were all very excited as Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Vice President of the United States gave the keynote address. He touched upon religious freedom and political issues concerning Greece and Cyprus.

2014 2015 Philoptochos Events for Chapter 4012

  1. September 20, 2014: Dionysus Festival of Food & Wine
  2. October 5, 2014: Go Pink Sunday
  3. October 12, 2014: Membership Luncheon
  4. November 2, 2014: General Assembly Meeting
    Guest Speaker: Los Angeles Youth Network
  5. November 16, 2014: Loukoumathes Sunday
  6. December 14, 2014: Christmas Bake Sale
  7. January 11, 2015: Celebration of the Vasilopita
    New Year Money Raffle
  8. February 8, 2015: Go Red Sunday/ Blood Drive
  1. February 17, 2015: Movie Night
  2. March 8, 2015: Loukoumathes Sunday #2
  3. March 29, 2015: MEND Clothes Drive
  4. March 29, 2015: Beginning of Shoe Drive: Shoes for Orphan Souls
  5. April 2, 2015: Lenten Potluck/ Easter Lenten Project
  6. April 5, 2015: Palm Sunday Luncheon
  7. April 5, 2015: Easter Bake Sale
  8. April 9, 2015: Easter Egg Project
  9. June __, 2015: Board Elections
  10. June __, 2015: Hot Dog/ Ice Cream Sunday

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