Ministries - Philoptochos - December 2012 News


The Membership Luncheon that was held on October 21st. We had fun, reconnecting with friends over lunch as well as winning GREAT prizes. I especially enjoyed playing a little question game, to see how much we all really know about Philoptochos. I came to the conclusion that we as a Community aren't aware of all that this worthy organization is about! From here on I will be printing out various "Philoptochos facts" for all to have. Eva Walters our guest speaker is on the Committee for Pennies and Prayers. She flew in from Oregon to enlighten us about this ministry. We, as a group all made a donation, and gave her a check for $175.00 to give to this worth cause. When you see the Pennies and Prayers canisterat the Philoptochos table, please don't forget--- donate that extra change that you have in your wallet for this special ministry.

My goal, as Philoptochos President is to have our organization enrich lives in our St. Nicholas Community by supplying various information about the ministries our Philoptochos is a part of, as well as what is going on around our church community. Another goal has been to partner up with other groups in our parish to work together on making a difference. This has come to fruition thanks to Mrs. Wendy Katsiotis and all the people involved in the dance group. Sylvia Manios contacted Ms. Jessica Witt, the corporate & Community Affairs Manager from our "community ministry" LA Youth Network. Jessica spoke to many on November 4th, which was Philoptochos' second general assembly meeting, about the needy youth in our community. I am proud to announce that between the TWO organizations, as well as other generous donations, the LA Youth Network will be able to purchase THREE much-needed computers. The Dance group also collected much needed supplies for all of these kids to have.

December 11th was our annual Philoptochos Christmas Party! (3rd general assembly meeting) It took place in our ballroom. This event is open to all Philoptochos Members. Come and enjoy great food, listen to great Christmas music, and learn about another ministry we give to: MEND. Please bring a new blanket, new toy, or a can food item for this great organization. Your Philoptochos will also present a check to them this evening.

December 16th was our Christmas Bake Sale!!! Come pick up all the goodies that you ordered! We will have extra Greek pastries packaged up for you to purchase as last minute gifts. Quantities are limited — get there as soon as you can!

Speaking of gifts... How about giving someone the opportunity of winning $3,000.00? Only 200 tickets sold! (great odds) This is a great stocking stuffer as well! Consider purchasing a Philoptochos New Year Money raffle for only $30.00. These will be sold at the Philoptochos table throughout the season. The winner will be announced on January 13th during the Celebration of Vasilopita. (Winner need not be present).

On behalf of my Philoptochos Board, as well as myself, I wish you all a beautiful and inspirational Christmas. May the New Year bring to you all the good things that life has to offer.

Genie Kontos

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